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 Hawker Community

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Fully equipped community gym

Hawker Gym has 2 big areas, one used for the gym and the other for aerobics. We have Male, Female and Disabled toilets all with showers, change area & lockers. State of the art 24 x 7 entry system using a fob, automatic lights and enough aircons to keep you cool or hot!

Cardio Machines

  • 2 x Treadmills
  • 2 x Eliptical
  • 2 x Recumbant Bikes
  • 1 x Spin Bike
  • 1 x Rowing Machine

Cardio Equipment

  • Medicine Balls
  • Stability Balls
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Battle Ropes

Weight Machines

  • Assisted Chin Dip / Tri Dip
  • Leg Press / Hack Squats
  • Leg Extensions / Curls
  • Pec Fly/Rear Delts
  • Stomach Crunch / Back
  • Lat Pulldown / Seated Row
  • Biceps / Triceps
  • Hip Adductor / Abbductor
  • Monster Smith Machine
  • Predator Smith Machine
  • 5 Station cross over machine
  • Knee raise and Tri dip frame

Free Weights

  • 1kg to 40kg Dumbells
  • 10kg to 45kg ezy curl bars
  • 4kg to 20kg Kettle bells
  • 4kg to 16kg medicine balls
  • Olympic weight bars
  • Olympic weights (450kg total)
  • 2 x incline/decline benches
  • 1 x incline bench


Membership Plans

Hawker Community Gym have a wide variety of plans allowing everyone to experince and train in our Gym. We are a not for profit organisation allowing us to offfer membership plans at a reduced cost. We offer;

  • Casual plans for the traveller
  • 3, 6 or 12 month plans
  • Seniors and Pensioner Plans
  • Free 3 day pass

We perform a full induction so you know how to access the gym, explain of the rules and regulations and we explain and demostrate what each machine does and what muscle group it targets.

Click here to access our full membership plan list or click on the “Contact Us” below and we will be in touch.


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

This community gym is very well equipped with enough cardio, weight machines and free weights to keep even the most experienced bodybuilders happy! They cater for beginners through to advanced and are very helpful.

Stephen Youle

WOW, says Steve, this gym is awesome! I love coming here to keep myself fit and active. From the moment you sign in you know you’re in a class gym! There are so many machine and free weights, enough for everybody!

Steve Taylor

I use a lot of gym around towns and I’d have to say, Hawker Community Gym is well equipped and has a nice flow and atmosphere about it. 24×7 access and automatic lights, what more could you ask for!

Guest Member

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